kitchen garden

home-grown produce

The majority of the vegetables and salads served at The Hop Pole are carefully and lovingly grown by our in house horticulturist Joe Hanson, to ensure that we know, and you know, exactly what you are eating, and where it was from.

Our garden produce include: Leeks, Courgettes, Swiss Chard, Beetroot and Yellow Beetroot, Broccoll, Brussel sprouts, Pak Choi, Turnips, Romanesco, Hamburg Parsley, Salsify, Tarragon, Mint, Apple Mint, and Rhubarb, to name but a few!

lovingly grown

2017 veg prep underway! We're well and truly on our way with this year's crops. Joe's Veg has been out in the field sewing seeds for beetroot, rainbow chard, spinach, kales, radishes and turnips. All the veg grown will be used for our seasonal veg and salad at The Hop Pole .